One Metre plus Tom Hackett & JUlian Woodcock


tom hackett sculpture 

live interventions

espacio gallery


one metre plus

in collaboration with julian woodcock

The installation of clipboards holds the typed manuscripts of the anecdotes which were recited  through megaphones in a performative street dual outside Espacio on Saturday 19th September at 2.30pm 2020.

Standing facing one another they swapped personal stories of life under lockdown 1. Contextually the work sits somewhere between absurdist confession, public therapy  and 'cod spaghetti western'.

Tee installation and performance was part of 'reality and it's disorders'.Curated by Ahmed Faroorqui for 'Degrees of Freedom'



in collaboration with julian woodcock

PDR was a quasi street protest with megaphones and placards reciting sound bite observations of the artworks included in the show 'Osmosis' at Espacio Gallery, where Hackett and Woodcock marched down Shoreditich High Street and Brick Lane to and from Espacio on Saturday 25h September 2021. It formed a playful 'headlines' celebration cum snapshot review of the exhibition landing temporarily in the public domain. It aimed to be an affirmative interjection puncturing the everyday experience. This live action accompanied physical work in the gallery.

The exhibition was curated by Ahmed Farooqi for 'Degrees of Freedom'. It included the artists Jane Glennie,Robert Good,Tom Hackett,Belinda Mitchell,Eileen Whiteand Julian Woodcock.

For full info click this link visit degrees of freedom