Lying Low To Keep Afloat Tom Hackett Sculpture


tom hackett sculpture

lying low to keep afloat

lying low to keep afloat             currently on hold

a new project for 2020 -2021 featuring an audio collaboration with Julian Woodcock

a conversational art odyssey following the course of river trent

Tom Hackett is spending ten days walking and paddling a wooden canoe around riverside parts of Stoke on Trent, Burton, Nottingham, Newark and Scunthorpe. Five key towns situated along the Trent from source to mouth.

Wearing his signature text conversation suits, he is gathering incidental conversations from those he meets along the way. This will be transformed into an art exhibition where printed conversation fragments are wrapped around snaking swimming float forms, making a meandering mass evocative of a flowing river. Along the gallery, a series of audio speakers will broadcast a fusion of conversation fragments which have been re-voiced, recorded and mixed in collaboration with Julian Woodcock. These will be intermingled with other sound fragments creating an immersive audience experience.

Lying low to keep afloat has been  developed in association with 20-21 Visual Art Centre and Brewhouse Arts Centre.

It is supported by public funding by Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England and by 2021 Visual Arts Centre.

The exhibition will be on at: 

Brewhouse Arts Centre 

Union Street

Burton on Trent

DE14 1AA

Dates to  confirmed

20-21 Visual Arts Centre

Church Square


DN15 6TB

09/01/2021 - 27/03/2021

Dates for the canoe walks will be posted on

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