risk @ssessment project, sculptural installation, tomhackett.org


tom hackett sculpture        

risk @ssessment

risk @ssessment presented the viewer with a sceptical and playful reaction against the preponderant hegemony of blame  and accountability that has flooded unchecked across geographic and political boundaries in the West. It questions the punitive emphasis on third party accountability and blame as provable entity, rather than its truer position as a floating, malleable locus. It embraces the stretchable, and subjective beauty of risk against the given concrete absolute of the foregone. It champions ambiguity and the blind maybe over the predictable.

It involves 600 sparkling cast resin objects including: football boot, Pentax SLR , mushroom, flowerpot, deodorant, Yale lock, paracetamol blisterpack, torch calculator, bag of maltesers, matchbox, condom, part of respirator mask, found dead bird, lobster claw. Each contains a red flashing led. Each object can be associated with any number of identified risks.

Curated by Alex Boyd, Annabel Lucas and Les Buckingham. Installed at MAC, firstsite and Millais Gallery