Tom Hackett & Julian Woodcock 100 yard stare



tom Hackett sculpture 100 yard stare

parkers piece cambridge


a collaboration with julian woodcock - duration 90 minutes 12 noon 17/10/2015


a process of walking towards one another, standing, staring, passing by without acknowledgement and repeating the action. Going to and from to the centre point of the park known as reality checkpoint, using the format of a 'western' stand off, without flash point or climax. the work explored anticipation as a structure pre-empting a classic planned art encounter or visit. offering incidental interuption as an alternative, curious and hopefully less predictable meeting of art and the everyday. 100 yard stare was deliberately non interactive as a playful counterpoint to the primary dialogical function of the dogs barrows in shaggy dog stories.


photo credit: ciaran priest