A barbecue of regrets a project by Tom Hackett



tom hackett sculpture a barbecue of regrets

A barbeque of regrets' is a new project which involves collecting dialogue around personal, societal or other regret from people in Luton through a series of incidental conversations. The project builds upon a series of works where collected thoughts, ideas and stories are gathered from a wider public and coalesced within a publically exhibited framework, which I set up and orchestrate.


Over 7 days between 27 April and 28 May 2018. I will wear a text covered ‘Conversation Suit’ and walk around with a wheelbarrow full of charcoal briquettes. Each of these will be drilled through the middle to create a void to accommodate a rolled up post it note. As conversation strikes up, I will explain the project and invite them to share a regret which is then written down on a post it note. The regrets will not be attributed to individuals, but collectively belong to an incidentally encountered community. My approach to dialogue will be reactive to enquiry rather than pushy or door-stepping. As I walk I will also gather images of people and of the places I end up in.


Using the harvested regrets I will develop a series of works. The words will be digitally designed in combination with block images of Luton and printed to create a series of 6 padded fabric wall works to be hung like canvases. I will also create sound sculptures in collaboration with Julian Woodcock using recorded voices and 5 dome shaped barbecues to form a sound collage. The audio work will subsequently be broadcast online. These will be exhibited at 'Storefront' Luton. A gallery managed by 'Departure Lounge' for 'As You Change So Do I' in association with Luton Culture.


At the exhibition opening on 22 September. There will be an interactive barbecue event where the original hand written regrets are burned in the process. The sharing of regrets via writing and their subsequent conversation to smoke vapour acts as a playfully uplifting collective catharsis. Symbolically letting go of regrets and simply getting it out there.


A barbecue of regrets is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. It is curated by Matthew Shaul 'Departure Lounge' in association with 'As You Change So Do I' for Luton Culture.




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